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feed water pump

Bơm nước lò hơi

BƠM NƯỚC LÒ HƠI Một thành phần quan trọng của hệ thống nước cấp đảm bảo an toàn và hiệu quả vận hành của nhà máy điện.  GIỚI THIỆU Máy bơm nước lò hơi giữ một vị trí quan trọng trong hệ thống cấp nước của lò hơi. Chức năng chính của nó là tạo …

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Steam Turbine-Driven Pumps

STEAM TURBINE-DRIVEN PUMPS Steam turbines are used to drive feed water pumps. Large power plants often use these pumps because they can provide significant operational flexibility.  INTRODUCTION OF STEAM TURBINE-DRIVEN PUMPS Steam turbine-driven pumps play a crucial role in numerous boiler systems and power plants. They efficiently move liquids, usually water, throughout the system, enabling …

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Regenerative Turbine Pumps

REGENERATIVE TURBINE PUMPS These pumps utilize the energy of high-velocity water to increase its pressure. They are particularly effective in power plants that require moderate pressure increases in the feed water.  INTRODUCTION OF REGENERATIVE TURBINE PUMPS Regenerative turbine pumps play a crucial role in various industrial applications, including boiler systems. These pumps are known for …

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Reciprocating Pumps

A RECIPROCATING PUMPS Reciprocating pumps are positive displacement pumps that use a piston or plunger to move water. These pumps are capable of delivering high-pressure water, making them suitable for plants that require high-pressure feed water.  INTRODUCTION OF RECIPROCATING PUMP Reciprocating pumps are a type of positive displacement pump that operates by using a piston …

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Centrifugal pump

CENTRIFUGAL PUMP A centrifugal pump is an equipment which can supply water to the steam boiler. The primary function of a boiler feed water pump is to deliver water to the boiler at high pressure and temperature to maintain the boiler’s operational requirements and ensure efficient steam generation.  INTRODUCTION A centrifugal pump is a mechanical …

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Boiler water pump

BOILER WATER PUMP A crucial component of the feed water system ensures the power plant’s operating efficiency and safety.  INTRODUCTION The boiler water pump holds a significant position within the feed water system of a boiler. Its primary function is to facilitate the continuous and reliable delivery of water to both the economizer and the boiler. …

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