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Ground rice husk


Cost-Effective Green Fuel


Ground rice husk is a renewable, green, efficient, and cost-effective material used in various fields. It offers a potential solution to environmental pressures and promotes sustainable development in the energy industry.

1. What is Ground Rice Husk?

Ground rice husks, also known as milled husk, husk powder, or rice husk powder, is produced by processing and grinding rice husks using specialized milling systems. The result is fine husk powder with varying colors, depending on the quality of the rice husk and the production process. Made from 100% pure rice husks, ground rice husks are natural, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Ground rice husk

2. Structure and Technical Specifications

Ground rice husks, after screening, varies in size from 0.3 to 2.2mm based on customer needs.

Ground rice husk

3. Applications in Life and Production

3.1 In Agriculture

  • Used as animal feed for livestock, poultry, and aquaculture.

Ground rice husk

  • Mixed with fertilizers to create natural organic fertilizers.

  • Deodorizes livestock pens.

3.2 In Industry

  • A potential fuel for industrial boilers.
  • Combined with other fuels to optimize production and reduce waste.

Ground rice husk

3.3 In Other Manufacturing Industries

  • Used in paper and packaging production.
  • Used in insulation and fire-resistant material manufacturing.
  • Used in incense powder and other products.

4. Reasons to Use Ground Rice Husks as Fuel

  • Strong combustion and high heat generation.

  • Cost-effective and efficient.
  • Easy to use and combine.
  • Low pollution and sustainability.

Ground rice husk


Ground rice husk is an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly fuel with diverse applications across agriculture, industry, and manufacturing. As a renewable resource, it offers a sustainable solution to environmental challenges and supports the energy industry’s shift towards greener alternatives. Its strong combustion properties, high heat generation, and low pollution make it an ideal choice for various uses, from animal feed and organic fertilizers to industrial boilers and insulation materials. Embracing ground rice husks as a fuel source not only promotes sustainability but also contributes to economic and environmental well-being.



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