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Boiler coal


Optimizing Your Choice


In the manufacturing industry, selecting the appropriate type of coal for boiler operation is crucial to optimize production efficiency and minimize environmental impact. This is especially important for the two common types of boilers: fluidized bed boilers and chain grate boilers.

1- Fluidized Bed Boilers

Fluidized bed boilers, known for their fluidized bed combustion chambers, create optimal burning conditions and reduce harmful gas emissions. For these boilers, choosing the right type of coal is essential.

Boiler coal

The preferred coal for fluidized bed boilers should be small in size, have low volatile matter, and low moisture content (ARB < 25). The calorific value of the coal is also significant, varying based on the combustion method:

♦ Bottom Ash Combustion (non-circulating): 3800 – 4100
♦ Bottom Ash Combustion (circulating): 5200 – 5700
♦ Sand Combustion Bed: 3800 – 4100

 To operate fluidized bed boilers efficiently, the chosen coal should have a particle size ranging from 0 mm to 10 mm.

Boiler coal

2- Chain Grate Boilers

Chain grate boilers, which use heat from fuel to produce steam, require a different type of coal than fluidized bed boilers. With a highly mechanized combustion chamber, chain grate boilers can burn larger and higher calorific value coals.

Boiler coal

Coal for chain grate boilers typically has a larger particle size (up to 50 mm), low moisture content (ARB < 40), and varying calorific values depending on the boiler load:

♦ Boiler load below 50%: 3800 – 4100
♦ Boiler load between 50% to 75%: 4800 – 5000
♦ Boiler load above 75%: 5200 – 5400

To ensure the stable and efficient operation of chain grate boilers, the selected coal should have a particle size from 0 to 30 mm or from 10 to 30 mm.

Boiler coal


Choosing the right type of coal for each boiler type is crucial to ensure operational efficiency, energy savings, and environmental protection. Focusing on factors such as coal particle size and calorific value is key to optimizing the production process and preserving the environment in the industrial sector.



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