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Waste To Energy Boiler

MARTECH JSC – The energy solutions

This is a system that provides an effective solution to convert Industrial Waste and Sludge into energy.

Waste To Energy Boiler

Provides an effective solution to convert Industrial Waste and Sludge into energy


The system includes:

+ Industrial waste-burning boiler system

+ The system of sorting and supplying waste – sludge into boiler combustion chamber

+ Waste emission treatment system: thoroughly treat Furan – Dioxin – SO2

+ Application of waste sludge treatment for factories, industrial zones.


+ Actively treat waste – industrial waste sludge on site

+Saving for businesses the cost of industrial waste – sludge treatment

+ Saving cost of transporting garbage – industrial waste sludge to the concentrated garbage treatment area

+ Convert industrial waste – sludge into useful energy for production

+ Treatment of toxic exhaust fumes Furan – Dioxin – SO2 – thoroughly dust and smoke – Contributing to environmental protection

+ Quick capital recovery


+ Technology for manufacturing boiler systems according to German standards and designs

+ Calculating, designing, manufacturing, installing and operating according to ASME and Vietnamese standards (TCVN)

+ Capacity: from 5 TPH to 150 TPH

+ Design pressure: from 10 bar to 150 bar

+ Saturated Steam

+ Industrial waste treament capacity: from 30 ton to 500 ton

+ industrial sludge treatment capacity: from 30 ton to 300 ton

+ Fuel: waste,sludge industrial


Video Martech Waste Sludge Energy Boiler


Martech’s Project about Waste to Energy Boiler


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