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Co-Generation Boiler System

MARTECH JSC – The energy solutions

Steam Boiler System

Co-Generation Boiler System

Steam Boiler System


Co-Generation Boiler System

This system includes:

+ The boiler system provides steam for the turbines

+ Turbine & Power generator system.

Application for the industrial parks, factories or factory complexes, residential areas, …


+ Provide electricity at a lower cost

+ Supplying steam at a lower cost

+ Add additional operating power source, Reduce the risk of power supply interruption

+ Reduce the load on the grid power system

+ Easily control emissions, dust, and environment at 1 point

+ Protect the environment

+ Quick capital recovery


+ Designed and manufactured according to German technology

+ Design, manufacture, install, and operate according to ASME and Vietnamese standards (TCVN)

+ Boiler capacity: from 20 TPH to 300 TPH

+ Design pressure: from 10 bar to 150 bar

+ Superheated & Saturated steam

+ Power capacity: from 2 MW to 100 MW

+ Fuel: Biomass, Coal


Principle Layout

Co-Generation Boiler System


Video Martech Co-Generation power plant


Co-Generation Boiler System

Co-Generation Boiler System


Co-Generation Boiler System



Co-Generation Boiler System

Cooling Tower

Co-Generation Boiler System

Water Treatment System

Co-Generation Boiler System



The cogeneration system – steam system researched and installed by Mac Tech Co., Ltd. (MARTECH) to meet international standards. In recent years, it has operated at full design capacity, bringing many benefits such as High stable power quality, fewer fluctuations, less noise, not being dependent on the power cut off of the external grid … saving tens of billions of dong each year.

The cogeneration system – electricity and industrial waste incineration includes:

2 boilers 60 tons / h: Pressure 86 bar, superheated steam supply 488 degrees C, steamed for the 19.5 MW generator turbine, and 100 TPH saturated steam extraction (10 bar, 180 degrees C). Fuel for burning is coal dust and rice husk left.

1 incinerator 40 tons / h: Burn 120 tons of nylon waste, pulp, and sludge per day.

This is a very meaningful event for the Vietnamese energy industry when a 100% Vietnamese company has successfully researched, designed, manufactured, installed, and operated the cogeneration system – electricity (Co-Generation) and industrial waste incineration meets international standards.

This system shows highly stable power quality, with little fluctuations and less noise. The waste incineration section has treated the exhaust smoke meeting standards, does not cause pollution, does not need many trucks to burn, and does not cost to carry out treatment affecting traffic and the environment.

After putting into operation the Co-Gen system, the plant has increased capacity, production output and COGS decreased compared to before. According to the factory’s financial statements in the first quarter of 2020, the output and profit both increased sharply, in which the profit increased by 4 times compared to the same period last year.

Save electricity costs, add backup power

In addition to providing steam energy for the plant, the Cogen system is currently generating electricity with a capacity of 15 MWh for the paper mill. There are 4 MW of electricity used for this complex. Thereby helping customers to solve their electrical problems and proactively use and supply electricity. Each year saves more than 10 billion VND compared to using 100% of electric energy before.

With the waste treatment cost before operating the cogeneration system at the plant is 1 million VND / ton of waste, the factory now handles 120 tons of waste and sludge each day, saving more than 34 billion VND. / year in parallel with that still ensures the satisfaction of Vietnamese environmental standards./.


Operation principle of cogeneration system:


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