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Biomass Boiler System

MARTECH JSC – The energy solutions

Biomass Boiler System

This Boiler provides a solution to turn Biomass to energy efficiently


Biomass Boiler System

Biomass Boiler

Biomass fuel also known as BIOMASS is made from biological materials derived from plants and organisms (such as straw, residues, dried leaves, wood chips, shredded paper, etc.). Plants store chemical energy in these materials through photosynthesis.

Biomass fuel has been used for a long time, it can be found in gas, liquid, and solid,… and it is used to serve people a lot in life and production. Biomass fuel releases energy when burned.

Today, biomass fuel is primarily made of natural materials, such as rice straw, palm oil, and wood, which creates a clean energy source, keeps the environment safe and ensures production. After being treated, flue gas will meet the Environment Standard.

Materials to create Biomass fuel

Understanding and knowing the materials to create Biomass fuel will help you have a more objective view of the origin of Biomass. Biomass fuel is generated from the following sources:

 Wood and agricultural products: Biomass fuel is created by exploiting raw materials from wood, agricultural products such as sugarcane (bagasse), hay, corn, natural grass, trees hemp, palm oil, straw, residue, dried leaves, wood chips, paper,…

– Solid waste: Biomass fuel is also created from waste (Some types of waste such as plastic will not produce Biomass). It is thanks to this material that Biomass is considered to make a great contribution to waste treatment.

– Biogas: The treatment of industrial waste and wastewater by a treatment tank at a sufficiently large temperature helps to generate gas to be used as biomass fuel.

Practical applications of biomass fuel

Creating energy helps people in many ways, from production to everyday life. Some specific applications where biomass fuel is used are:

– In production: Fuel for boilers made from biomass helps hundreds of businesses to reduce costs as well as reduce harmful emissions into the environment. from other materials.

Biomass Boiler System

Biomass boiler system

– In life: Biomass fuel is converted into liquid form and is used in a variety of engines and small-scale energy production activities.

The boiler is suitable for industries such as Food and Beverage, Sugar, Feed Mills, Textile & Dyeing…


– Design and Fabricate according to Germany Standard

– Fabricate, install and Operate according to ASME & TCVN Standard.

– Capacity: from 3 TPH to 150 TPH

– Design pressure: 10 bar to 150 bar

– Saturated and Super Heated Steam

– Fuel: Biomass (Rice husk pellet, wood chip, rice husk, bagasse)

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Video Why It Is Said That Biomass Fuels

Have Zero Net CO2 Emission?

1 – Realizing the trend of carbon reduction in Textile Industry with Biomass Boiler

MARTECH to implement a new system of steam boiler and oil heater that is projected to cut total CO2 emissions by 25% and fuel costs by 27% at one of our Client’s manufacturing complexes. The Client, a long-standing customer who already operated two stable thermal systems, was persuaded by MARTECH to choose biomass over coal for their 3rd Factory under construction in Binh Phuoc.

Biomass Boiler

2 – Factor Of Success: Trusted Partnership

Before establishing the first Factory in Vietnam in 2006, the Client had already been a serial investor operating Textile factories across Asia. Beating out many domestic and international boiler suppliers, MARTECH won the first order of one 20 TPH Chain Grate Steam Boiler and an 8 Gcal/h Chain Grate Thermal Oil Heater thanks to product quality and industry know-how.

The stability of the first system convinced the Client to place the next order of two 12 TPH Chain Grate Steam Boilers and two 7 Gcal/h Chain Grate Thermal Oil Heater when opening 2nd Factory in 2012.

The trust built over a decade is the foundation for MARTECH to persuade the Client to invest in more efficient combustion technology and switch to a more sustainable fuel for the new Steam Boiler and Oil Heater of 3nd Factory, which helps increase total output by more than 30%.

Selecting a Greener Fuel Biomass is cheaper than coal, has a more stable price, and most of all have net-zero CO2 emissions. However, choosing the right type of biomass fuel depends on both technological and geographical factors. Thus understanding the fuels’ characteristics and availability is key to giving convincing consulting. In this particular case, MARTECH advised the Client to choose the cheap and abundant cashew shells in Binh Phuoc – the capital of Vietnam’s cashew industry, as the main fuel, while secondary fuel is the easily sourced rice husk pellets.

3 – Higher Efficiency Combustion

Besides saving from cheaper fuels, converting the technology from burning on Chain Grate to the advanced Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) combustion also increases fuel-to-thermal energy conversion efficiency by 2% to 4%. Furthermore, BFB Steam Boiler and Oil Heater have lower operating labor and annual maintenance costs.

Analyzing the operating costs of the BFB thermal system, including 22 TPH Boiler and 12 Gcal/h Oil Heater, switching to biomass fuel helps the Client save from 36.3 billion VND to 45.4 billion VND and cut more than 80,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. For detailed calculation, interested Customers may contact MARTECH for a deep consulting session on how to convert to biomass fuel based on your actual conditions.

MARTECH successfully helps convert to biomass not only benefiting the Client in reducing fuel costs but also leading the quest to reduce CO2 emissions of the Textile industry, contributing to a more sustainable future.


Biomass Boiler

Biomass Boiler

Biomass Boiler

Biomass Boiler

Biomass Boiler

Biomass Boiler



What is Biomass? : 


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