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Carbon neutrality

CARBON NEUTRALITY Journey towards a green future INTRODUCTION Carbon Dioxide (CO2), a major greenhouse gas, holds the highest concentration and is the main cause of global warming. This leads to severe consequences for Earth’s ecosystems, making the goals of Net Zero and Carbon Neutrality more urgent than ever. 1. What is Carbon Neutrality? Carbon Neutrality, …

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Greenhouse gases

GREENHOUSE GASES 07 Types of Greenhouse Gases You Should Know INTRODUCTION The greenhouse effect is a major cause of climate change. In the last 30 years, human activities have significantly increased greenhouse gas emissions, posing global risks. 1. Understanding Greenhouse Gases Greenhouse gases (GHGs) absorb long-wave radiation (infrared) reflected from the Earth’s surface. They trap …

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Coal mines in Australia

EXPLORING THE 5 LARGEST COAL MINES IN AUSTRALIA Australia’s coal mining industry is booming and rapidly expanding. INTRODUCTION Despite a decline in the number of coal mines, Australia remains highly dependent on coal mining. Australia boasts 4 of the world’s 10 largest coal mines. Australia’s coal mining industry is booming and rapidly expanding. Australian coal …

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Cause of boiler fire and explosions

CAUSES AND PREVENTIVE MEASURES FOR BOILER EXPLOSIONS Boilers play a crucial role in various industries and require a professional team to operate and ensure safety. INTRODUCTION Boiler Explosions 1. Boiler Operations Industrial boilers, also known as steam boilers, are essential for generating steam used in many industrial processes. Industries like Food & Beverage, Paper, Chemicals, …

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Indonesian Coal

INDONESIAN COAL A Key Energy Source for Industry INTRODUCTION Indonesian coal plays a vital role in supplying and stabilizing energy for Asian countries. It helps balance fuel prices in the market. With about 2.2% of global coal reserves and top-notch quality, Indonesia ranks among the world’s leading coal producers and suppliers. 1. Overview of Indonesian …

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Russian Coal

sRUSSIAN COAL Overview and Key Characteristics INTRODUCTION Russian coal plays a crucial role in balancing energy reserves. Imported Russian coal holds great potential for Vietnam and Asian countries. 1. Overview of Russian Coal Russia has abundant coal resources, strategically used for decades. It ranks third in coal reserves with 182 billion tons. Russia is the …

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Australian Coal

AUSTRALIAN COAL A Potential Imported Fuel Source for Vietnam INTRODUCTION Australian coal is a major energy source, primarily used in coal-fired power plants. Australia’s coal reserves are the third-largest in the world. Current estimates suggest Australia can mine coal for over 300 years. 1- Overview of Australian Coal Australia has one of the world’s largest …

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Rice Husk

RICE HUSK From Agricultural Waste to Potential Biomass Resource INTRODUCTION Rice husks were once considered low-value agricultural by-products. However, modern science has changed this perspective. Today, rice husks are a potential biomass resource, offering promising opportunities in the global energy industry. 1- What is Rice Husk? The rice husk is the hard outer shell of …

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Khí Nhà Kính

KHÍ NHÀ KÍNH 07 Loại Khí Nhà Kính Bạn Nên Biết GIỚI THIỆU Hiệu ứng nhà kính là nguyên nhân chính gây ra biến đổi khí hậu. Trong 30 năm qua, lượng khí nhà kính từ hoạt động của con người đã tăng vọt, gây ra những mối nguy hại toàn cầu. 1. Khái niệm …

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Trung hòa Carbon

TRUNG HÒA CARBON  Hành Trình Hướng Đến Tương Lai Xanh GIỚI THIỆU Carbon Dioxide (CO2), một trong những khí nhà kính chủ yếu, không chỉ chiếm tỷ trọng cao nhất mà còn là nguyên nhân chính gây ra hiện tượng nóng lên toàn cầu, mang theo hàng loạt hậu quả đáng lo ngại cho hệ …

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