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Hoang BK


SUPERHEATERS Superheaters in boilers are crucial components that play a significant role in enhancing the efficiency and performance of steam generation systems. INTRODUCTION A superheater is a device. Which helps increase the temperature of steam produced by a boiler above its saturation point. This is achieved by passing the saturated steam through a set of …

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Heat exchanger

HEAT EXCHANGER A heat exchanger is a device designed to efficiently transfer heat from one fluid to another. In the case of boilers, heat exchangers facilitate the transfer of heat from the flue gas, a byproduct of combustion, to the water intended for heating. INTRODUCTION TO HEAT EXCHANGER Heat exchangers are crucial components within boiler …

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HEAD AND FLOW RATE OF PUMP The head and flow rate of pump are fundamental factors that influence the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of water pumping systems. Considering these parameters carefully is key to successfully operating pumps across various applications.  INTRODUCTION OF HEAD AND FLOW RATE OF PUMP Head: Head refers to the energy imparted …


Rotary Gear Pumps

ROTARY GEAR PUMPS Rotary gear pumps are a type of positive displacement pump commonly used in various industrial applications, including boiler systems for chemical purposes. In boiler systems for chemical purposes, rotary gear pumps can be used to transfer various chemicals, fuels, and other fluids.  PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION At the core of a rotary gear …

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Metering Pumps

METERING PUMPS Metering pumps are vital tools in various industrial processes. They are playing a critical role in ensuring precise and controlled delivery of fluids. These pumps can accurately measure and inject chemicals or additives into a system. Which makes them indispensable in sectors such as water treatment, manufacturing, and the chemical industry.  INTRODUCTION Metering …

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Peristaltic Pump

PERISTALTIC PUMP A peristaltic pump offers precise and gentle fluid handling, chemical compatibility, reliability, and safety. These qualities make them suitable for accurately dosing chemicals and additives. This precision is critical to the efficient and safe operation of boiler systems.  INTRODUCTION OF PERISTALTIC PUMP A peristaltic pump, also known as a tubing pump, is a …

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Diaphragm pump

DIAPHRAGM PUMP Diaphragm pumps in boiler systems are specifically designed to handle the transfer and dosing of various chemicals. Which are essential for maintaining water quality and preventing scale and corrosion in the boiler. These pumps are crucial components in boiler water treatment systems.  INTRODUCTION Diaphragm pumps are known as membrane pumps or pneumatic diaphragm …

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Chemical pump

CHEMICAL PUMP A chemical pump in a boiler system plays a critical role in ensuring the proper functioning and efficiency of the boiler. It is responsible for accurately and safely dosing chemicals into the boiler water to control various water treatment processes.  INTRODUCTION A chemical pump in a boiler system is a vital component responsible …

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Steam Turbine-Driven Pumps

STEAM TURBINE-DRIVEN PUMPS Steam turbines are used to drive feed water pumps. Large power plants often use these pumps because they can provide significant operational flexibility.  INTRODUCTION OF STEAM TURBINE-DRIVEN PUMPS Steam turbine-driven pumps play a crucial role in numerous boiler systems and power plants. They efficiently move liquids, usually water, throughout the system, enabling …

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Regenerative Turbine Pumps

REGENERATIVE TURBINE PUMPS These pumps utilize the energy of high-velocity water to increase its pressure. They are particularly effective in power plants that require moderate pressure increases in the feed water.  INTRODUCTION OF REGENERATIVE TURBINE PUMPS Regenerative turbine pumps play a crucial role in various industrial applications, including boiler systems. These pumps are known for …

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